Play LSPDFR? Want to make your experience just like the one you watch with me? Well, allow me to help you out, here’s a list of want I use:

Call Outs

All Obtained at

  1. Agency Call Outs
  2. Assorted Call Outs
  3. Cheep Call Outs (I know its spelled wrong, but that’s how the dll and ini are spelled, lol.)
  4. County Call Outs
  5. LSPDFR Comes Alive
  6. PeterUCallouts
  7. Bait Car
  8. Arrest Warrant Callout


1-8 Obtained at

  1. AllTheThings (the perfect thing to use if LSPDFR crashes during a call to clean it all up)
  2. Entity Persistence (unless you like seeing ghost drivers at 40 minutes…)
  3. EUP
  4. LSPDFR+
  5. Police Toolbox
  6. Arrest Manager
  7. Keep Calm (helps if you do a lot of patrols in Little Seoul, or Grove Street
  8. Police Smart Radio
  9. Police Search (

Nice To Haves

1-3, 5-7,9 Obtained 4 obtained at

  1. LSPDFR1033 (gives the signal 100 beep you hear during the “LivePd” pursuits
  2. Automatic Roadblocks
  3. PLD (player location display)
  4. Simple Trainer
  5. Traffic Stop Back Up
  6. SpikeStripsBackup
  7. StopThePed
  8. Police Partner (
  9. OnSceneBackup


  1. Speed Radar

Current Car Packs

  1. The Hurks 2017 pack


Find Us

Houston, Tx 77043

On the Air:

Monday through Friday

  • 6p to 8p

Saturday and Sunday

  • tbd

About This Site

Welcome to the station where we will bring you “Cops: LSPDFR LIVE PD “. Your chance to ride shotgun with a CHP Officer through the streets of San Andreas, as they will safe guard the streets from prostitution, drugs, gangs, and other crime.

In addition, we will also utilize American Truck Simulator, to show off this great land of ours with an 18-wheel expo across it. Get ready for the American Trucker Series!

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