Job: sheriff Cadets

Title sheriff Cadets
Categories CHPOfficer20 5M
Salary set
Start Date 2018-07-06
Location CHPOfficer20
Job Information

Come help and join us in protecting the streets from the criminal element.
From gangs, to drugs, to robbery, and speeders the job is not for the timid.
There’s a lot to know, a lot to learn, there’s a lot deal with at once out gunned
But, as you train, as you fight to make the streets safe, and successful for the
citizens to live in peace and safety.

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Houston, Tx 77043

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About This Site

Welcome to the station where we will bring you “Cops: LSPDFR LIVE PD “. Your chance to ride shotgun with a CHP Officer through the streets of San Andreas, as they will safe guard the streets from prostitution, drugs, gangs, and other crime.

In addition, we will also utilize American Truck Simulator, to show off this great land of ours with an 18-wheel expo across it. Get ready for the American Trucker Series!

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