American Patriot Trucking

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American Patriot Trucking, CHPOfficer20 5M
Title sheriff/civ
Categories American Patriot Trucking, CHPOfficer20 5M
Salary 0.0
Start Date 2018-07-12
Location CHPOfficer20
Job Information

Come join the team as a Developer in the ever-growing FIVEM Community, CHPOfficer20.
This position works well for any student interested in gaining real-world experience
as an intern in return for services. This position is also perfect for those who
love programming and love gaming and the community structure of FiveM, but want to
make it better.

Your job is simple:
1. Maintain the FiveM server for CHPOfficer20 along with the Co-op Team, namely
myself (1-Adam-20 and Jay, 1-Adam-33).
2. To find anyway to make the server better for RP purposes (car pks, plugins, etc.).
3. To minimize downtime of the server.
4. To help the co-op team, and our Code One Team to enhance, and make larger
our active community base.

You will work directly under the Co-op team, and will report to myself (1-A-20 and 1-A-33).
While this job, can also be seen as recreational, periodic performance checks will be conducted.
What does that mean? This means that you cannot sit idle in the position. You will find the
Co-op team is very understanding of IRL circumstances, probably better than most, but everything
has a limit.

Overall, we are here to have fun. Overall we are here to make and create entertainment for the
viewers over the livestreams and episodes. So, if you want to have fun, come on in and join us.

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Title Driver
Categories American Patriot Trucking
Salary depends
Start Date 2018-07-06
Location APT
Job Information

Have a yearning for the open road? Always wanted to drive truck? Well, then join American Patriot Trucking. We are looking for Drivers to help build our virtual trucking company on the MP network. Join us for our convoys, humor, and stories. Hope to see you out there on the road good buddy.

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