Welcome to the CHPOfficer20 the internet brand that brings you Cops In The LSPDFR Matrix, from the episodic adventure, to LIVEPD streams. Now, we even bring you The American Trucker Series, and have a Virtual Trucking Company on the Truckers MP network. Now, you can even join the fun as an officer, civilian, or another role in our 5M server CHPOfficer20: New & Redesigned. You can even join our trucking company as a driver, American Patriot Trucking.

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Welcome to the station where we will bring you “Cops: In the LSPDFR Matrix”. Your chance to ride shotgun with a CHP Officer through the streets of San Andreas, as they will safe guard the streets from prostitution, drugs, gangs, and other crime.

In addition, we will also utilize American Truck Simulator, to show off this great land of ours with an 18-wheel expo across it. Get ready for the American Trucker Series!

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