• "I love the server, it fits my standards for a server. It’s a great environment for cadets because you get a hint of what it’s like when you’re actually out there. CHPOfficer20 is, by, far the most underrated server I have ever been a part of. The development team has been working hard and it really glows upon the surface of FiveM."

    D. DaGuerro
  • I'm exectutive director of dispatch i love this server its like real life and the best part is we are like family, we help everyone in times of need and as friends we have fun and joke around but know when to be serious and when not to the owner and admins do a fantastic job with stopping drama before it starts.

  • CHPOfficer20 is not only just a community Its a massive family, almost like a pack. Everyone is friendly towards each other, always there for each other. Whether you're LEO, Civ, Dispatch, Dev team. we are all in this together and for fun.


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